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Yes, I realize that I am too old, too motherly, and too Mormon to title my blog with such a coarse expression, but please read on before you judge.  As with everything else I do wrong, it's really not my fault.

Yesterday I was dressing Ethan in my favorite shirt of his, which, of course, means he hates it.  Yet I insist on him wearing it at least twice a month so that I feel better about having bought it.  I got both arms in his sleeves when he looked down and noticed what I was putting on him. 

"I don't like this shirt!  I don't wanna wear this shirt!"  The standard howls and shrieks ensued.  

"But why not?  You look so handsome in it."  My voice automatically kicked into soothing mother gear, calm and gentle enough to annoy even myself. 

"I don't wanna be handsome!"

"Come on, honey..."

"No!  I don't wanna be handsome!  I wanna be AWESOME!!"

Good grief.

"I WANT MY SPIDERMAN SHIRT!!" (I know all caps is annoying, but Ethan's entire personality is all caps, and there's just no way around it.)

From this statement, I can only assume he was requesting the ketchup-red atrocity that has been lurking in a quiet drawer where I attempt to hide a regrettable pile of hand-me downs (thank you, Julie) that I keep around only for painting and playing in the mud.  This shirt has an enormous blue, crackly, off-centered iron-on of Spidey that hits Ethan about three inches above his belly button, because the shirt itself is short enough on him to qualify as a crop top (there's a term I haven't used since '89.)  Furthermore, I have never been able to successfully determine whether this sad and wilted occurrence is an actual shirt or, in fact, a pajama top.  It fails either way.

Which brings me to the story of another young man who obstinately refused the title of Handsome when it was generously offered him.  When Derrick and I were engaged, several people in our glittering social circle came out of the woodwork and started telling me how "handsome" my fiancée was.  Not "cute" or "attractive" or "good-looking," but always, "handsome."  I started hearing things like, "Got yourself a handsome fellow there," or "That fiancée of yours is a handsome man, very handsome."  I would have accepted these compliments with the pleasure of a young girl in love were it not for one curious fact: they all came from gray-haired men in their mid-sixties.  My bishop, some old family friends, and my creepy Uncle Louis.  Never heard a peep about my husband's studliness from a single woman, only men. Still not sure what that was all about.  But I digress.

Upon relating this well-deserved praise to my espoused, his reaction was less flattered than I would have expected. (I mean, give me a second-hand compliment about my looks and I'm yours for life.)  He simply frowned and said, "Handsome sucks."


"Handsome sucks."

"What do you mean, handsome sucks?  Everybody wants to be handsome.  Clark Gable's handsome.  Brad Pitt's handsome.  Tom Cruise is handsome."

"No, those guys aren't handsome.  Handsome sucks."

" Well, what do you want to be?"


Good grief.  Did they make spiderman crop tops in mens' sizes back in '95?  Derrick could have used one, although the over-sixty set may have found it a bit puzzling on their new young darling.  As the years have gone by, however, we've both decided that Derrick's geriatric fan base was, in fact, alot younger, cooler, and more observant than we once gave them credit for.  In fact, if anyone knows who's handsome and who's not, it's retired grandpas.  Just ask my handsome husband. 



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His problems are over. The Logitech Harmony 620 is here.
Derrick P. Smith will be mocked by multiple remotes no more.

Happy Easter


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Easter Weekend Lovelies:
  • Introducing Ethan to Thai food on Friday night while Grandma whisked the girls off to Hannah Montana:  The Movie (and yes, I did want to see that flick myself)
  • Watching my girls imitate Miley's dance moves--quite impressively, I might add--all weekend long
  • Running a 5k with my husband on Saturday morning
  • Beating my husband in 5k on Saturday morning
  • Not letting my husband forget it since Saturday morning
  • Coloring eggs with the kids; making treats with the kids; eating too much candy with the kids
  • Watching kids perform creative skits about the New Testament on Saturday night; Ethan playing a mean "Martha" who is too busy making "My Tomato Sauce!" (as he called it) to sit down and listen next to Megan's angelic portrayal of "Mary"
  • Beautiful music in church on Sunday morning
  • First Sunday back in Primary as new 2nd counselor; loving being back in there with my own little lovelies
  • Hedonistic Easter feast after church, during which we reversed any benefits gained during 5k run
  • My parents coming over to celebrate Easter and their 41st wedding anniversary.  Dad giving Mom floor tickets to Billy Joel/Elton John in Seattle.  Them acting as giddy as newlyweds.  Me loving living by my parents. 
Easter Weekend Not-So-Lovelies:
  • My niece announcing that she was "suspicious" of the Easter Bunny on the car ride over to our house
  • She and the rest of the kids sneaking back to our room to google up and learning that the likeliest candidate for the E.B. was, in fact, their parents
  • Us adults enjoying ripe strawberries and lemon chiffon cake out front, blissfully unaware that our childrens' innocence was being shattered just two rooms away
Guess you can't win them all.
But it was still a great weekend.

How was yours?